Sunday, March 22, 2015

Manifest Destiny Session 4: Mini-Session

So this post is about two weeks fact, we're meeting for session 5 tonight! Last time though, we only ended up actually playing for about 30-45 minutes before breaking to catch a screening of WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, an excellent vampire-mockumentary from the people behind Flight of the Conchords.

So, here's the quick breakdown of what we did last session:

Dramatis Personae:
Eliza Ripper, PHD - Spy and Occultist
Amity Crawford - Cat Burglar and Occultist
Dr. Rohan Ryder - Alcoholic Inventor/Surgeon
Nashoba - Chickasaw Tribesman (replacing Moses Packer)

Studying the map on the wall, Nashoba learned that it showed the North American continent, dotted with "X" spots that he realized marked the locations of Indian burial mounds.  Two larger X's drawing his attention, he was able to identify these as Etowah, not far south from their present location, and Cahokia, near St. Louis.

The bundles of paper on the table, Eliza realized, were clippings from Meriwether Lewis' notes, collated into bundles relating to Indian myth, language, and the presence of the mounds.  Anything unrelated to those topics was thrown on the floor.

Taking the bundles, map and cylinders with them, the PCs set out in search of Nashoba's village.

During the night, they were confronted by a buzzing voice from just beyond the light of their campfire, The voice emotionlessly requested that the cylinders be returned, and that the PCs return home, that there was nothing they could do - that the voice and its companions, entities from beyond the terrestrial sphere, were simply fulfilling their own "Manifest Destiny" in claiming Earth for themselves.  When the PCs tried to release their dogs on the voice, a shot rang out; one of the dogs was wounded, though non-critically, by a human ally of the voice.

Nashoba quickly located the shooter and dispatched him, recognizing him after the fact as a member of his own tribe.

The next day, they reached the mounds where Nashoba's tribe, enslaved by inhaled spores, were laboring, excavating and destroying copper tools and artifacts.  Traveling further, they found the remains of the village, and with it, a sound of chanting and an odd smell.

The chanting and smell proved to be Ohmsi, the village medicine man.  Burning sweet grass, he claimed, kept the spores from infecting him.  Discussing the matter with him, the PCs hit on the idea of using a combination of sunlight and copper exposure could kill the fungus infecting the remaining villagers.

The experimental case proved successful, and over the course of an entire day, they cleansed the entire population of the village.

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