Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Gamer ADD Strikes Again

I'm having trouble getting any sort of commitment from people I know for the 5E Vadhyislavia game (one confirmed, two maybes, a couple requests that I run it using a different system, and a request that I move eighty miles east and run the game there), which means there's room for Gamer ADD to creep in and shoot tendrils through my brain.  And today was definitely a Gamer ADD heavy day, as my duties in the office proved kind of light, leaving me a lot of brain-room to fart around with.

So here are the projects I'm currently working on:

A Once-Green and Pleasant Land (Post-Apocalyptic 17th Century using Lamentations of the Flame Princess rules)
Vadhyislavia (D&D 5E)

And here are the new ideas that crept in today:

My Own Private Blackmoor (Swords and Wizardry plus The First Fantasy Campaign and a hi-res scan of the map from Avalon Hill's Outdoor Survival if I can find it)
GWARsoom (Carcosa with the squicky horror dialed back and the Sword and Planet action dialed up; John Carter and Tarl Cabot fighting Elder Things and Airship Pirates with extra metal craziness thrown in; probably Swords and Wizardry, maybe Lamentations of the Flame Princess)

In other news, I gave the Swords and Wizardry Core Rules a quick read-through today (the one time I played Swords and Wizardry it was with the White Box Rules) and really like them.  White Box I had trouble groking at the time, in part because they were so different from what I was familiar with but the Core Rules have a lot that's familiar from the number of times I've read through Labyrinth Lord since then.  I really like Matt Finch's authorial voice as it shines through, and I like the way the mechanics and the thought behind them was explained instead of just "here ya go, just like you remember it."  I like that I'm given a choice between ascending and descending armor class and they make it easy to use.  It feels more like a toolkit to produce the right game for me then, say, Labyrinth Lord does.

So for now I think I'm going to keep reading and plugging away at some combination of the projects listed above, and gently nudging some of my "maybe" players.  And if I can't get an in-person game going, I'll give Google+ Hangouts and Roll20 a go.

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